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Your Data. Our Analysis. In living color. 


Wyrd Solutions provides a team of experts in Department of Defense intelligence issues focusing on special operations, human intelligence, cyber, open source, threat finance, biometrics, geospatial, social media, socio-cultural, and many other disciplines.


We refuse to follow the large contractor company business model of butts-in-seats. We provide only dedicated, highly motivated, experienced professionals.


Business intelligence continues to evolve as more data about competitors and customers becomes available. Wyrd Solutions helps monetize this data by providing expert economists, data miners, and statisticians to drive customer acquisition, customer monetization, competitor analysis, market trends, and enable the most informed business decisions possible.


Penetration Testing

Our network of reliable penetration testers will help you scope and identify critical vulnerabilities potentially resident on your networks and systems. We retain a network of professionals to conduct the full spectrum of physical, logical, and virtual red teaming to help you secure your assets.


Big Data Analysis

Companies do not always have the resources to collect, organize, read, and analyze all relevant data message-by-message. Thousands

of tools purport to automate some or all of these data processes. Wyrd Solutions has spent the last decade evaluating and

implementing countless big data tools for a variety of customers.


Our research and development professionals have tested thousands of tools that perform data collection, web scraping, databasing, searching, text analytics, entity extraction, entity resolution, natural language processing, data modeling, prediction algorithms, indications and warnings, data transformation, network analytics, network display, geospatial display, infographics, and many other data manipulation techniques.

We can help unlock the power of big data. Put our experience and expertise to use on your data today.



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