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Our network of partners expands your reach

Value Added Network of Professionals

Wyrd Solutions has developed strategic partnerships and relationships with experts across a variety of industries. We bring our entire professional network to bear on every project.


Wyrd Solutions has strategic partnerships with expert statisticians, international engineering consultants, black hat and white hat professionals, and intelligence community experts across all Department of Defense and corporate disciplines.


Special Collaborative Partner


Jacobs Engineering Group

Jacobs Engineering Group is a global leader in providing expertise in engineering, construction, architecture, information technology, operations & maintenance, planning, procurement, program management, scientific research, and many other professional consulting services. Wyrd Solutions is proud to collaborate with Jacobs Mission Operations Group (MOG).


The MOG is dedicated to special operations, intelligence, and IT support. Jacobs provides quality professionals experienced in operational mission planning and execution support, special-mission training, intelligence analysis, IT, cybersecurity, data management, and the acquisition and support of related technologies and systems.




Third Block Group

We help governments and organizations with relief, stabilization, and development efforts by gathering open, sharable information. Our team collects imagery, mapping, and other data in standards compliant formats and offer it without restrictive licensing.


Quilligence, LLC (“Quilligence”) is a woman-owned small business (WOSB) founded by Helen T. McEvoy, Esq. in 2013. It specializes in providing research and analysis on organizations, individuals, relationships, and activities to clients operating in opaque operational settings and complex mission environments.


Quilligence professionals have strong analytic and forensic backgrounds—drawn from decades of experience advising Fortune 500 and U.S Intelligence Community clients on risk issues stemming from organizational or operational transactions. They understand the nuances of intelligence based on a precise mixture of expert practitioner tradecraft, emerging analytic and forensic technologies, and verifiable open source and public records data — equipping them to find hidden relationships, concealed assets and activities, and signs of extant or emergent criminality.


With its firm footing in current operational risk issues, Quilligence provides U.S. Government clients tailored capabilities based on in-depth expertise and insights drawn from the commercial and government sectors.

Apollo Strategies

Apollo Strategies, Inc., “ASI” is a Florida for-profit corporation, woman owned small business. ASI is dedicated to providing technically proficient simultaneous/consecutive interpretation, document translation, social media marketing/monitoring and project management. Our Core Languages are Arabic (Modern Standard), Dari, Pashtu, Farsi, Russian, Urdu and French

The Culper Group

The Culper Group trains and equips individual, corporate, and government clients in the arts and sciences of deception detection, truth elicitation, and influence. Our team has a diverse background, bridging the gap between the national security establishment, the business and financial sector, and academia.

The world of human behavior, and particularly deception, is unsurprisingly murky. The Culper Group focuses on scientifically defensible methods with practical real world applications - from neuroscience labs to the battlefield, and into the boardroom


Vets Who Code

Vets Who Code is a veteran operated 501c3 nonprofit that trains veterans in Software Development and prepares them to enter the technology industry.

Launched in 2014, Vets Who Code is a non-profit dedicated to filling the wide chasm between technical expertise needed and available with America’s best.


Our vision is to close the digital talent gap and ease career transition for military veterans, through technical design and cross-functional business training. We believe that those who serve in uniform can be the digital economy’s most productive and innovative assets. Vets Who Code prepares them to enter society with new skills for exciting careers.

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