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About Us

See The World Through Our Eyes

Our team of analysts and data scientists will provide the clarity and granularity you need to make the right decisions to impact your business postively. We strive to meet our client requirement expectations and exceed them, whether you are seeking a market edge or looking at hidden patterns within your data pool, our expertise will help distinguish the meaningful data from the false positive and provide insight to your past, present, and potentially your future.


Data Scientist

20 years abroad in over four countries and ten years of experience in national security help Paul provide nuanced context for the needs of a myriad amount of clients. Extensive experience working in Linux environments are complemented with cyber reconnaissance  skill to provide a solid foundation of assessing the type, quality, and degree of analytical solutions for commercial and government needs. Paul has been deployed various times to conflict zones around the planet, worked with the national mission force, a major hedge fund, and speaks Spanish fluently.

Rob comes from an extensive economic and financial background. A graduate of Tulane, he has experience coordinating the financial side of start ups and transitioned easily to help national security efforts in anti-money laundering (AML), pursuing adversaries through transactions and identifying anomalous behavior in anything from remittance to standard banking transactions. Functioning as SOCOM's economist he provided a unique perspective on "follow the money" efforts. Rob is an expert statistician and model builder for text analytics.
Special Operations Coordinator
Derek is a former Green Beret medic of 16 years and coordinates cyber reconnaissance operations for Wyrd. He has a demonstrated aptitude for "subversive" thinking and provides invaluable insight at a tactical level into unconventional operations.
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